TSS Cemerlang Sdn Bhd is the earliest established company among our group companies. It is a construction-based company established on 23rd September 2004 which mainly engaged as earthwork and infrastructure contractor as well as a transporter and supply of armour rock and boulders.

Having been in the business for more than 15 years, we have now firmly established itself as one of the main earthwork contractors and supplier of armour rocks and boulders in the region. Our company has participated in more than RM 500 million projects, including earthworks, project of environmental protection, construction of highways, construction of the breakwater and construction of roads.

To add value to our function as an earthwork contractor, we source for earth mainly from our sites (through joint venture with land owners), armour rocks, boulders and other quarry products are sourced either to our project as well as sale of armour rocks and boulders to our customers. With our own source of earth, we are able to supply to local market and maintain competitive pricing over our competitors.

Besides, our company is currently negotiating with the state government to plan for several major roads widening in the town of Kuantan and will joint-venture with the state government to develop a property development project.

The development land is expected will have a total area of 188 acres in a prime location situated in Kuantan town. These two plans will bring benefits to the citizens of Kuantan where it’s not only will resolve the existing traffic congestion problems, but will also bring a new property development concept to the city of Kuantan.

Benta road – Jerantut – Maran

Our Company has also been appointed as sub-contractor on 4thJanuary 2018 for a tender project from Public Works Department Malaysia, namely “Upgrading Route 64 Benta Road – Jerantut – Maran (Phase 1 Segment 7)” for site clearance and demolition works, earthworks, sub-base and road base, and soft ground improvement.

The entire project duration is 36 months, which estimated to be completed by December 2020. With the advantages of our own trucks fleet and various machineries, as well as experienced management team and workers, it has greatly improved the progress of the entire project. Our company managed to complete the entire sub-contract works in only 18 months, which is 50% earlier than the given time frame.


Our Company has also been appointed as sub-contractor on 15th October 2019 for a tender project from Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia, namely “Project to prevent erosion for Nenasi Beach, District of Pekan, State of Pahang” for site clearance, supply, place, level and compaction river sand to the required level. The entire project duration is 15 months, which estimated to be completed before January 2021.




Our Company has obtained five (5) timber concession area in District of Bentong, Jerantut, Rompin in State of Pahang, with estimated production at approximately 30,000 metric ton of timbers.